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Meet the Staff

SJA Staff

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

     As a Catholic school, we are committed to educating the whole child by providing a strong foundation that balances our academic focus with faith-based service and leadership experiences. SJA students have opportunities to participate in a buddy program, the school-wide House system, community service projects, peer tutoring, student council and afterschool CYO activities.


We provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment that plays an important role in fostering the development of your child’s character. We teach our students to “Be Christ-like * Be Safe * Be Responsible * Be Respectful” and to always strive to keep our Catholic values at the center of all they do.

D'Costa, Fr. Maxy.jpg

Parish Pastor

Fr. Maxy D'Costa

Haluska, Mary.jpg


Mary Haluska

Thenell, Lesley.jpg

School Secretary

Lesley Thenell

Krigbaum, Sue.jpg

Preschool Teacher

Sue Krigbaum

SJA Eagle - Color.png

Preschool Assistant

Mary Pattyn

Marl, Sydney.jpg

Kindergarten Teacher

Sydney Marl

SJA Eagle - Color.png

Kindergarten Assistant

Riley Schedler

Allworth, Sheila.jpg

1st Grade Teacher

Sheila Allworth

Krigbaum, John.jpg

1st Grade Assistant

John Krigbaum

SJA Eagle - Color.png

2nd Grade Teacher

Jamie Wheeler

Quenette, Monica.jpg

2nd Grade Assistant

Monica Quenette

Murray, Quinn.jpg

3rd Grade Teacher

Quinn Murray

SJA Eagle - Color.png

3rd Grade Assistant

Sarah Wease

Aamot, Erica.jpg

4th Grade Teacher

Erica Aamot

SJA Eagle - Color.png

4th Grade Assistant

Gail Mauck

Denney, Jina.jpg

5th Grade Teacher

Jina Denney

Schedler, Julie.jpg

6th Grade Homeroom,
Middle School Math,
6th Health

Julie Schedler

SJA Eagle - Color.png

7th Grade Homeroom,
Middle School ELA, 

8th Grade Social Studies

Stephen Kawulicz

Barker, Michelle.jpg

6th Grade Social Studies,
7th Grade Health, 
Middle School Religion

Michelle Barker

Bahr, Rochelle.jpg

8th Grade Homeroom,
Middle School Science,
7th Grade Social Studies,
8th Grade Health Health

Rochelle Bahr

SJA Eagle - Color.png

PE Teacher

Jonathan Johannesen

LaFrance, Laura.jpg

K-8th Art,
Liturgy Music

Laura LaFrance

Peters, Carmen.jpg

K-8th Spanish Teacher

Carmen Peters

Arola, Darren.jpg

Music Teacher
Learning Specialist Assistant

Darren Arola

SJA Eagle - Color.png

Learning Specialist

Hayley Swift

Laurent, Tracey.jpg

Nutrition Services

Tracey Laurent

Yohn, Teresa.jpg

Development Director


Teresa Yohn

Juvenal, Jaime.jpg


Jaime Juvenal


SJA Signature - Cross Correct.tiff
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