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Uniform Policy

     SJA students wear a uniform in order to promote a feeling of equality for all children while discouraging competition in dress. The uniform provides a means of identity for the students with SJA.

     The uniforms may be purchased from Dennis Uniform Co. or other stores, following the same basic style of clothing, outlined in the brochure provided by Dennis. It is important to adhere to correct styles. SJA sweatshirts are also available for purchase from the school.

     Parents and students both share in the responsibility for seeing that the SJA dress code is appropriately observed and maintained. Specific details regarding uniforms may be found in the parent/student handbook. Our uniform standards are based on neatness, cleanliness and modesty.

     On Fridays, students are allowed to wear their school issued House t-shirts with a clean pair of blue jean pants (no jean shorts or jean skirts) or with uniform bottoms.

      Below are examples of approved school uniform clothing:

Uniform Closet


     SJA offers all families the opportunity to shop for free uniform pieces for their children in the uniform closet which is located in the parish center. The used uniform closet is open everyday during school hours.

     Families new to SJA as well as families who haven’t donated uniforms may select any components they want or need. All uniform pieces are free.  You are invited to take as many items as you would like.

     The program relies on family participation, families are encouraged to turn in uniform items that their children have outgrown and that are clean and in good condition. Please put donations in the closet in an orderly fashion. The closet is well marked with sizes and items.

     This program is a great way to recycle uniforms and offers the value of giving to others.

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