Volunteering at SJA

     The opportunities for volunteering at St. John the Apostle are vast and varied. Volunteer hours strengthen the SJA community, enable us to keep operating costs low and fundraisers successful. 


     K-8th grade parents need to meet their yearly goal obligation of 35 volunteer hours per two-parent family and 17.5 hours per one-parent family. Families who are unable to contribute time or talent have the option of buying out at $20.00 per share hour.


Each two-parent family needs to complete:

 - 20 Developmental Hours which is directly related to fundraising activities.
(i.e. SCRIP Sales, Jog-A-Thon, Auction, Eagle Open, Annual Fund Drive, Pizza Bingo and Lunch Shifts). Development hours may not be shared with other families.

- 15 Fair Share Hours which includes all hours directly related to the School.
(i.e. Classroom Help, Field Trips, Lunch Shifts, CYO coaches & many others).
Fair Share hours may be shared with other families.

Single-parent families needs to contribute:

-  10 Development hours

-  7.5 Fair Share hours.

Preschool families need to contribute:

-  5 Development hours

- 10 Fair Share hours.

Tracking your Volunteer Hours

There are two ways you can record your volunteer hours:

1. If volunteering at the school during school hours, your hours will be automatically recorded when you sign-in to the visitor program in the school office.

2. Other hours need to be recorded monthly on the Volunteer Hour Recording forms that are provided thru the Weekly Eagle (school newsletter) emails or can be downloaded from the link on the side of this page.

Volunteering is also a way for parents to become a part of their student’s school life and to get to know the teachers, staff, and other parents.  We hope you’ll choose activities and events that are interesting to you, fit within your schedule, and reflect the current priorities and needs of St. John the Apostle School.

Volunteer Requirements 



Background checks and yearly Archdiocesan-sponsored Called to Protect training and annual online training in Armatus is required.

Please call the school office at 503-742-8232 to answer your questions.

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