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Calvin Swan - Class of 2018

I graduated in the Alumni Class of 2018. I grew up in Oregon City, Oregon with my parents and my brother. I attended SJA PreK-8th grade. SJA was an extremely comfortable school in a small community. Academically SJA was challenging and pushed you to do your very best. I felt ahead in my academic studies and it made my high school classes easier and less intimidating. I had good study habits and learned how to take good notes. I made some long-term relationships during my time at SJA, still some of my best friends today. SJA elementary and middle school were small, fun and very educational.

There were lots of fun field trips and activities that I had the opportunity to be a part of. If I had to choose the best year of school at SJA I would say Fifth grade was the best school year of my life. I loved Zoo Snooze, Biz Town and Mrs. Morella was an amazing teacher. We had a great Buddy Program at SJA, we attended Mass weekly with our younger buddies and they really looked forward to their older buddies taking them to church and on field trips.

After I graduated from SJA I attended Oregon City High School. I am a Junior this year. During the COVID-19

Pandemic my high school has been all distance learning, it has been a challenging experience. One thing I would like to share with the students at SJA is never take the education support you get at SJA for granted, especially the one-on-one time with teachers. In high school the teachers are not as available. Your study skills and time management learned at SJA will be super useful as you further your education.

My plans after high school is to go to college. I plan on studying music and interior design.

I know the education I received at SJA provided a foundation to moving forward in higher education.

When I am not studying for school I enjoy swimming, working out, baking and spending time with my friends and my dog.

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